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About Us


We offer farm information to groups (min 4) not staying with us, but who want to learn more about sheep farming and farming in this arid area.Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner can also be requested.

Please book prior arrival


Since 1926, Dabis is owned by the Gaugler family and is now run by the fourth generation.
We have achieved an effective balance between welcoming visitors and operating as a authentic farm.

Accommodation is in 7 comfortable twin-bed rooms with en-suite shower (one has a bathinstead) and toilet. Guests also benefit from a swimming pool and a tennis court (racquetsavailable). One of the main attractions of staying here, however, is learning about the farm.

Guests should arrive early afternoon, have tea or coffee and then join us on a farm drive for an hour or two. In depth the techniques will be explained, complete with information on the area’s climate over the last four decades. Dabis now farms mainly with crossbred sheep, for meat production, using advanced rotation techniques to survive on the low rainfall. Although the main emphasis is on farming, there are a number of small animals around to be seen.

The Gaugler family are more than happy to share their farm with guests and their knowledge can considerably enrich your stay.